4th Annual Taco Tour

So this years taco tour did not go off as planned, you know, Covid and all. In years past we have had upwards of 15 people at the starting line. So, just a brief overview of what the taco tour is…I invite a bunch of people to a taco joint, they show up, we eat one taco, and move on to the next taco joint. Pretty simple…we usually make it to four or five spots before we’re all ready to go into a food coma. Some people are done after one or two spots but tag along just for the fun, fellowship, and shenanigans!

The Genesis of The Taco Tour

While this is the 4th annual taco tour, it has been around for five years, but due to Covid, we had to cancel last years tour.

Anyway, five years ago it was Cinco De Mayo and I just so happened to have the day off so I decided to go eat tacos all day long and take pictures along the way. The next year I decided to turn it into an event and invite all my taco lovin friends and that’s all she wrote!

The Show Must Go On!

This year a total of two people made it out and that’s ok. I planned on doing this whether anyone showed up or not. Go ahead and click right here to watch this years tour. Don’t worry it’s only four mins! Feel free to subscribe to my channel, us Youtubers actually like it when you do that, lol! Also, if you are in the Indianapolis, IN area and want to be added to next years invite list drop me your email address.

Thanks so much for your support, God bless! #TBW


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Hey there I'm Tony! I am an aspiring personal trainer, network marketer, actor, life coach, author, and motivational speaker. I love Jesus and I love helping others to achieve their goals! I believe this is what I was created to do...help others. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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