Vegan Bacon Seasoning

As you can imagine by the name of my blog, I really love bacon. Well for no other reason other than curiosity I purchased this bacon seasoning by Deliciou on the recommendation of one of my Facebook followers. Ok, maybe not so much a recommendation as a, “hey, look at this, doesn’t it sound nasty?” I thought to myself, “ehh, I’ll give it a try.” Low and behold to my surprise, this is one of my go to seasonings right now and I have other bacon flavored seasoning in the cupboard.

So, I recently got braces as a 40 something year old and have found myself eating a lot of cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, and Mac n cheese. I have put Deliciou bacon seasoning on all of it and it’s absolutely fantastic! I have no doubt that it goes well on burgers and chicken as well, but I’m not quite there on my journey with the braces.

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This product is made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. The ingredients are maltodextrin, salt, yeast, yeast extract, dried herbs, spice, spice extract, vegetable powder (garlic and onion), sugar, natural flavors, smoke flavors, and food acid (lactic).

I love on the back of the label that it reads No Added MSG, Vegan, No Nasties, and Gluten Free. So as a healthy alternative I would definitely recommend giving this wonderful seasoning a shot along with the many others that Deliciou carries. And if you missed the link to save 15% above and don’t want to scroll back up you can click right here. I hope you enjoy this fantastic seasoning as much as I do! God bless!


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