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Coleman 2 Person Pop-Up Tent

So, I was pretty skeptical when I read that this tent pops up in 10 seconds. So I purchased the tent to do a review and I was also going camping the following week which I hadn’t done in many many years and I didn’t have a tent, obviously. So this was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

The Look

When I got home and saw the package for the tent at the front door I was a little surprised because it looked like I had ordered one of those small flimsy card tables that often get used at your neighbors BBQ as a side dish table. Of course it came in a square brown box, but this is what it looks like out of the package.

10 Seconds, Are You For Real??

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it says it pops up in ten seconds. So I turned I started the time as I started to unzip the carrying case and quite honestly I think it took me longer to get it out of the carrying case then it took to pop up! It actually took 16 seconds from getting it out of the case to popping it up which was almost automatic. You can watch the full video here.

The Take Down

So, let me just start by saying, “Thank you for watching the video!” I say that because the take down is probably the most comical part of this whole thing. While I did not film the all my failed attempts at taking the tent down, I did, myself, have to watch another YouTube video to try and figure out how to take the tent down. Now, there was a QR code on the package as I mention in the video, but it was not working. So, if you do decide to purchase this tent which you can do right here, I strongly encourage you to watch my video before attempting it yourself! I would definitely love to see your videos or hear any of your stories about it as well!

The Overview

All in all this tent was perfect for my back country camping trip. We hiked about a mile and a half to our campsite so it was a bit awkward because I had to attach the tent to my backpack with a couple carabiners and it had a little swing to it. But it was worth it because my campsite was set up in seconds while everyone else took at minimum 20 mins to set up.

Coleman 2 Person Pop-up Tent/ Morgan Monroe State Park-Bloomington, IN

Be on the look out for my sleeping pad review coming out tomorrow (5-12-21)

Thanks for reading! God bless! #TBW

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